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Every body is beautiful

For those who, for whatever reason, are made to feel unsexy about them. At LSCVS we believe that beauty is too big a phenomenon to be judged upon narrow abstract constraints defined by the media and businesses who wish to feast on our insecurities.

The counter-culture to having narrow beauty standards that seeks to drop the concept of beauty altogether is also misplaced. Can we ever get rid of beauty? It is that ephemeral quality that enables us to strive towards whats good and just in life.

What is beauty? More importantly how do we measure it?

Beauty is powerful, it is that quality that makes us acutely aware of our own shortcomings and beckons us to a higher striving. It is this quality of beauty that terrorizes us. Ask people who have had divine experiences, they have expressed them as beautiful yet terrifying.

And we know what we do with the things that make us aware of ourselves and terrify us. We try to convert them into a more consumable form. For eg., look what we did by trying to explain what God is!

It is in these traslations that these concepts lose their meaning. Having narrow definitions also make these concepts open to hostile interpretations that in turn lead to ostracization, alienation , and often violence.

What we need to understand and realize is that concepts as big as beauty, and God have all meaning to them. All the conflicting interpretations find a home in thsese complex concepts. Is God male or female? Is an exploding volcano beautiful or ugly? Is death peaceful or violent? All these can be either depending upon the lense you are using to look at them. Usually it is the lense that makes money that prevails.

It is now easy to understand why we subscribe to narrow ideas about what is beautiful. Making people insecure about their bodies is a very successful business model. Beauty however has never been the one to be tied to specific body shapes and measurements. It comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, races, and accents.

At LSCVS we have lingeries for all shapes and sizes. We believe that sex and sensuality is a human right and it is free from labels. Head over to our store and find a lingerie that suits your fancy.

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