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Memories written on curves

Oh you of large breasts, and great wide hips

In your belly you carry the seeds that

Plant life on this earth.

The curve of your spine is robust

And it carries the dreams that are

Yours, and of those around you.

From between your big strong thighs

New life breaths first into life

In the warmth of your lap many old lives,

Regretful, and grateful find final peace.

Your big strong arms are the pillars that

Hold the weight of the sky of responsibilities

From killing young dreams.

Torn with war and violence

Warriors cross back into life without

Forgetting war and its ugliness

As they hold and are in turn held

By your beauteous form

They turn into poets, painters, and sculptors

Writing poems, painting, and capturing

The song in your heaving breasts in enduring stone.

Your coquettish gaze, the tilt of the brow

The sway of the enormous hips make

The old, and infirm touch hope and

Vitality as they try to contain the

Firm desire rousing in them.

From the moment life draws first breath

To the time life exhales its final breath

It is an ode to you, to mothers, sisters, lovers

Wives, teachers, and care-givers.

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