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Plus size - my size

One of the sexiest models of our times, Ashley Graham, spoke this exact sentence in one of her Ted talks. In that video she also recalled her insecurities growing up being the girl who was "beautiful for a big girl".

Thankfully she grew up to be who she is and is now helping countless women accept, love, and cherish their bodies.

In the age of social media and proliferation of apps that tweak our appearance with just a tap or a few clicks it seems are we are moving too too far away from what real women look like.

In a market that labels anyone from a size 8-24 as plus sized it is hard to feel beautiful, desirable, and worthy. The problem is then compounded overtime by the images that we see regularly on TV commercials and billboards are too far away from what our body's actually look like.

Many women are concerned about their looks and are threatened by very serious risk of eating disorders. This affects their looks, sure, but more insidiously it stunts their mental, physical and emotional growth. Making them lag behind in career, family, and society in general. That's not a great place to be to begin with.

However the times are changing for the better, the apparel industry is waking up to the fact that most women look nothing like the models they use to market their products.

Most women are waking up to the fact that their bodies are lovable and beautiful just how they are. With more and more women like Ashley Graham becoming more mainstream in media and popular psyche, we may be looking at a future where no woman feels ugly, and undesirable.

The internet has been a great enabler to promote this movement towards a more healthy fashion trend by enabling small boutiques and online retailers to cater to everyday women. Which were previously a prohibitively costly endeavors.

This trend fills us at LSCVS with pride and happiness that we are also an enabler of the plus-size friendly culture. At LSCVS we believe that every woman is desirable and beautiful and without the inherent sexiness of women, our products are essentially just fabrics. You make us sexy!!

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