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We Sell Erotic Lingerie!

But wait, that's not all we also care for your health and well being. That being said, I would like to this opportunity to clarify our USP. It's Erotic lingerie! We love all kinds of lingerie but we looooove erotic lingerie. The kind that sets your imagination racing with endless possibilities of romance, seduction, and power.

At this point it will be suitable to have a powerful quote

In all societies the body is ‘dressed’, and everywhere dress and adornment play symbolic, communicative and aesthetic roles. Dress is always ‘unspeakably meaningful. (Wilson 1987: 3)

I don't think I've ever read a quote more suitable than the one above. The quote simply is profound in its simplicity and its range. Think about it, how we emphasize dressing appropriately for various occasions. Why should sensual and intimate domains of our lives remain deprived of the same consideration?

We believe it not only to be a simple mistake but a grave sin that we do not prepare appropriately for the sexy time. According to the great Indian philosopher, and author of Kamasutra, Vatsayayana, a intimacy and erotic play is not just limited to what happens just between your legs. He mentioned 64 arts which can be broadly classified into performative arts (dancing, singing, poetry, etc), alchemy, culinary arts, health & fitness, Drawing, painting, oratory skills etc.

We cannot help with any of the 64 arts, maybe we can, can we? We'll see. But we do know one thing, whichever art you chose to master doing it in one of our NSFW lingerie is going to make you feel sexy 3000. We promise!

We say that our products are NSFW (take a look at our store), but nothing stops you from being a naughty little lingerie scientist and pair it with formal trouser or a skirt. Ladies, head over to our lingerie store and get you a sexy lingerie or two, and then come back again a few days later to a new stock to give new dimensions to your fantasies.

We are eagerly waiting for your stories of triumph.

Also, we are going to put up a page that shows you how to measure yourself right. If you cannot find your fit, share your measurements in the form on the page.

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